COVID-19 #TrashTalksChallenge Task Force

Waste trends & waste management priorities are changing in the battle against COVID-19. We have thus created the COVID-19 #TrashTalksChallenge Taskforce, an independent research study, to understand data-driven* insights on how India’s lockdown is changing individual waste patterns. Taskforce participants track their waste during and after the lockdown to contribute to research. 

The research is being conducted in 3 phases:

Phase 1:
During Lockdown 
(April, May 2020)

Task force participants track their waste for 4 days during the lockdown and submit their waste data through the reporting template.

Phase 2:
(June 2020)

Participants partake in another round of waste tracking after the lockdown in India is lifted


Phase 3:
Data Analysis & Comparison (July 2020)

We will release a more comprehensive report on how waste patterns have changed during and after the lockdown.

Reach out to us at to participate and join the task force!

*Data is collected for analysis after consent from task force participants. All data will be deleted after the research has been published on completion of Phase 3. More information on data confidentiality will be available in the participant agreement form